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Choco Vanilla Mousse: The Key to Food Heaven

Choco Vanilla Mousse: The Key to Food Heaven

Typically, a mousse is what you could compare to the sweet summer breeze. It’s just that – subtly sweet and airy. The texture is often obtained by trapping air bubbles inside or whipping egg yolk. Mousses can be creamy or spongy depending on the preparation technique. They are usually served after refrigeration and added with gelatin that gives it a smoother & denser texture.

The ‘mousse’ is derived from the French word for ‘froth’ or ‘foam’, a fitting name for this fluffy, airy dessert. If you have a subtle sweetness in mind, something cold but heavy, sweet but not overdoing it – the Choco-Vanilla Mousse by Mio Amore may just be your thing.

This melty creamy delight has chocolate sponge crumbs with fresh cream and chocolate ganache is what sweet dreams are made of. Thickened with gelatin, you will like this cold or frozen, and have the happiest feeling ever.

This dual chocolate-vanilla indulgence is what you’ve been yearning for. Give in.


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