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Choco Pinwheel Pastry: The Taste of Innovation

Choco Pinwheel Pastry: The Taste of Innovation

Remember those sunny afternoons when you were scuttling through those long school corridors or just nagging your mummy at school break to buy you one of those brilliantly coloured pinwheels from the street vendors? Our memories are always tinted with these sweet nothings – bits of coloured papers, gently turning in the breeze, back in the time when a little pinwheel in hand meant the world to us.

Mio Amore brings back a piece of childhood with a brilliant stroke of innovation – the Choco Pinwheel Pastry.

Designed and shaped using advanced Water Jet Machines these cakes have seven delicious layers and have an enticing wave like shape that remind you of your favourite childhood plaything. Each layer is carefully laid out with delicious ingredients that include – Chocolate Sponge, Vanilla Sponge, Cream and the yummy Biscotti bed with cashew nuts, adding that crispy twist to the recipe.

The Choco Pinwheel Pastry is at the moment the only pastry that uses this advanced level of technology and therefore a special offering to you, our constant and steadfast patrons!

So sit back and try a slice of this new delicacy that not only brings back memories of your sunny childhood but also enthralls you with innovation and amazes you with a new taste and and unforgettable experience. Savour the moments.

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